Earlier this week, Scott Steiner had a Impact Wrestling Teleconference before his upcoming appearance at this Sunday’s Impact Wrestling Redemption PPV. Be sure to join Wrestling Inc. for complete live coverage of Redemption beginning at 8pm ET.

Steiner will be teaming up with Eli Drake to face the Impact World Tag Team Champions, LAX, and was asked his thoughts on group. He began with Konnan.

“Konnan is gonna be doing what he always did when we were in nWo, he’ll be carrying my bags after this match and shining my belt,” Steiner said. “And my shoes too, actually, he might come and cut my grass. I’m gonna have all three of them, really. I dunno, I haven’t decided yet.”

He was then asked to elaborate on the two wrestlers that will be in the ring, Ortiz and Santana, and Steiner continued his grass cutting tirade.

“[Ortiz and Santana] will be with Konnan cuttin’ my grass,” Steiner responded. “I actually have a [golf] tee spot on the grounds, so it better be just right. I hate golf, but they better be cuttin’ my grass right. That’s why I don’t understand why [Donald] Trump wants keep out all of the Mexicans, but who’s gonna cut the grass? Seriously. I mean that’s a legitimate question.”

Steiner is one of the few wrestlers who have been involved in TNA / GFW / Impact and was asked how the three differed from one another.

“Well, the first part when I wrestled with Jeff [Jarrett] was the reason why I actually came in the first place,” Steiner responded. “It was to help him out and have a viable alternative to just one wrestling organization in the United States. And we formed one of the greatest factions in professional wrestling, the Main Event Mafia with all of the collection of former World Champions. That was great because all of the talent that is up in WWE right now is Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, those were the guys we were going against and trying to make, try to pass the torch to. The was the most profitable, comfortable time at TNA as far as viewership, making money, merchandise, and all that stuff combined.”

He then moved to the Dixie Carter era, which he did not have fond memories of, recalling the reason he left the company.

“Unfortunately, that led me to my next incarnation was working for dumbass Dixie Carter who brought in racist Hulk Hogan and all those other guys,” Steiner said “That’s what killed it and ran it into the ground. I let my feelings be known and he put a lawsuit on me because of the stuff I was saying on Twitter about Hogan. It was all true, the piece of s— tried to get me arrested, saying that I assaulted his wife in an airport. Thank God they had cameras there. And that’s why I left [TNA].”

With the current management it sounded like Steiner was just staying in the middle with more of a wait-and-see approach.

“Which leads me to my third incarnation and that remains to be seen,” Steiner said. “Like I said, this is my second match, second time in, so I’ll see how this goes and see what happens. See how far we can take this company, see how much it can grow.”

You can hear Scott Steiner’s full comments in the video above.

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