Shane Strickland Talks Facing Matt Riddle For MLW World Title, Lucha Underground Changes, Mania Week

Wrestling Inc. president Raj Giri recently interviewed Shane Strickland, better known as Lucha Underground superstar Killshot. During the conversation, Strickland discussed the upcoming fourth season of Lucha Underground.

"I will be part of the fourth season," Strickland revealed to Giri. "The entire fourth season."

Strickland explained some of the differences he expects for the new season. He said there have been adjustments to the new writing team as well as the expansion of the roster. Strickland wouldn't reveal any new wrestlers, but he did hint that some big names could be appearing. He also said fans should expect to see a change in his character.

"As far as season 4; new location, new building. There is a switch up in the writing team," Strickland said. "A lot of new additions as far as the roster goes, I can't say who as of yet. That is going to be a surprise for you guys. A lot more mature Killshot. I can pretty much guarantee that."

In the more immediate future, Strickland is scheduled to challenge Matt Riddle for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship on April 12. Strickland said he has worked with Riddle "a couple of times" and fans should expect to see a competitive match. Strickland commended Riddle for the growth he has exhibited since transitioning from Mixed Martial Arts to professional wrestling.

"A lot of hard-hitting, different submission transitions and I can honestly say that I am going to be thrown around a lot. I can guarantee you. Matt Riddle has been on a roll here as of late, and just seeing his growth shows the pretty much the hybrid style of the MMA style and the pro-wrestling style. He pretty much perfected it over the past couple of years," Strickland said. "That is a great testament for his mental aptitude for this business. He is going to be somebody where when you look back ten years from now, he is somebody that bridged that gap in the generation of it. I am really happy for him and proud of him for everything he has done in pro-wrestling. For me to meet him in the Finals is very poetic in a sense."

As for WrestleMania week, Strickland confirmed that he will be competing at WrestleCon. He revealed which companies he will be appearing for, saying he will indeed be making his Impact Wrestling debut at the event in addition to his other obligations.

"So far I was announced for 5 events I will be at. One of which that just got announced a couple of minutes ago, I will be doing the Progress afternoon show on, I believe Friday morning, and it will be me versus Travis Banks for the Progress Championship. I will be on the Rev Pro show later that day. It will be me, Flip Gordon and Kota Ibushi taking on Rocky Romero, Chuck Taylor and Will Ospreay in a six-man tag match," Strickland said. "Then later on that evening, I will be donning the Killshot mask and will be making my Impact debut as a member of Lucha Underground, so it's going to be me and Willie Mack taking on LAX for the Impact Tag Team Championships. The following day it will be myself versus Jeff Cobb in a first time ever single's match between the two of us and Pancakes & Piledrivers, the Indie Summit featuring Fight Club Pro, AAW and Pro Wrestling Revolver."

The MLW World Heavyweight Championship Finals takes place on April 12th in Orlando at Gilt Nightclub, tickets are available at starting at $15. You can follow Shane on Twitter and Instagram @StricklandShane, and visit his Pro Wrestling Tees store at His show, Swerve Talk produced by himself and Sami Callihan, is available on YouTube.

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.


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