Yesterday we asked which WWE Backlash match you looking forward to seeing the most and the clear cut pick was AJ Styles defending the WWE Championship against Shinsuke Nakamaura. Thanks to Nakamura's heelin' ways, fans are ready for a third match between the two Superstars. In second was Big Cass facing Daniel Bryan, with Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe taking the bronze

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:


"Interested to see if they have Roman lose three straight PPV matches. Yes, I counted the Greatest Royal Rumble."

Billy Walker:

"It feels like Nakamura as the crazy, oddball maniacal heel is on the cusp of his first WWE Championship run and for that reason, AJ vs. Shinsuke is standing out to me. Though I think Carmella deserves some credit for putting some buzz into her match. Really would like to see her retain."


"I'm gonna say Cass vs. Bryan. Why? I'm very interested to see what route they go with Enzo's former partner. His singles run started off with a dud last year, but I still think he has great potential. I am very opposed to the line of thinking that states every newer/young/less established star has to beat the veteran, but in this circumstance, I think it would greatly help Cass, while Bryan would lose absolutely nothing."


"AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship. We've already seen Nakamura's version of "Suplex City" but what other evil tricks does he have planned for Backlash?"

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