Yesterday we asked who you thought were the winners and losers of the WWE Superstar Shake-Up. The losers were more of a mixed bag (Mahal, Corbin, Asuka, Cass), but Finn Balor took the number one spot as he'll not only continue to float in the middle on Raw, but losing Gallows and Anderson takes away any possible stories with them.

On the winner's side, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, Big Cass, and Drew McIntyre all received a number of votes in the comments. McIntyre is in a great spot with Ziggler, while both Joe and Jeff have the potential to win the WWE Championship over on SmackDown.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

One Punch:

"Balor is the major loser, another year of mediocrity."


"Big Cass, by far. He feels completely different with a new brand and zero ENZO in sight."


"Samoa Joe will benefit greatly on SmackDown."

J's Studios:

"People may not like him, but Big Cass benefited the most. Feuding with Bryan will give him nuclear heat and that's what Vince wants."


"I think the ones who benefited the most are Ziggler and McIntyre. Dolph gets a much needed injection of relevancy into his career by being paired up with Drew. And McIntyre gets called up to the 'A' show to showcase his new look and persona while working with a workhorse of a wrestler."

Wuking-respek the (SC)(Awooo):

"The Miztourage are the biggest losers of the Shake-Up."

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