"Superstar" Billy Graham Rips Ronda Rousey For Reported Idea For WrestleMania 34 Finish

For Ronda Rousey, the transition over from UFC to WWE has been quite welcoming from both fans and fellow talent. Making her debut match alongside Kurt Angle against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 34, Rousey was highly impressive to many current and former WWE stars, as social media was flooded with adulation for the former UFC Bantamweight Champion. However, one person felt quite the opposite, as he recently displayed his feelings on social media.


WWE Hall of Famer and former WWE Champion "Superstar" Billy Graham wrote an extensive and highly controversial post on Facebook, bashing both WWE and Rousey for her emulation of Roddy Piper's "Rowdy" nickname, as well as speculation on alternative plans that were reportedly being discussed to be the outcome of the mixed tag team match.

Graham first addressed Rousey gimmick, entitling the post, "Ronda Lousy vs. HHH".

"First off, to the fan who wrote, 'I find Ronda's use of Piper's gimmick nauseating,' You my brother are dead on my man!!! I find it a total insult and absolutely reveals that she does not have an original thought in her head," said Graham. "D**n, can't she be an original at anything? This shows you how shallow she is and by the way, I am a fan of females being in the main event." He followed this comment by stating why he posted a picture of Amanda Nunes "kicking her a** in 48 seconds," comparing the two by calling Nunes "a real fighter" and Rousey "a real jobber."


He then addressed a report from Dave Meltzer, which stated that there was a rumor going around by WWE officials prior to WrestleMania 34 that Triple H was going to tap out to Rousey's armbar finisher instead of Stephanie McMahon. However, Stephanie ended up tapping, due to storyline continuity purposes, mainly because Triple H is not a regular on-screen character and Rousey attacking Stephanie's arm the following night on Raw.

"WHAT??? Miss Lousy was going to make H tap out??? This would have been received as well as a cement truck full of pig sh*t being dumped on the mania 34 fans," said Graham. "God folks, what is the WWE thinking??? [Rousey] is not a god of some kind but a mere female x UFC failure that got her flat a** kicked twice on the way out. Now this is nauseating. I demand that you fans respond to this crap the WWE is trying to lay on you by even thinking about her making HHH tap out, god this makes me sick."

Although Graham was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004, his relationship with WWE has been acrimonious since then. To acquire money in order to assist with complications from a liver transplant, Graham sold his Hall of Fame ring on EBay, getting over $10,000 from a fan. He also heavily criticized WWE's selection of Hall of Fame inductees, particularly Pete Rose for his legal issues and Abdullah the Butcher, "where every match he has to cut himself or cut his opponent and he's just obsessed with it." In a 2013 interview, Graham revealed that his relationship with Vince McMahon is "horrible right now," and "severed forever," despite not remembering the root of why their relationship soured.


You can check out Graham's Facebook post below: