The Miz On Why Fans Might Have Been Cheering Him When He Defeated Roman Reigns At WWE RAW 25

WWE Network's docuseries WWE 24 recently covered the 25th anniversary of WWE Monday Night RAW. Notably, The Miz talked about his Intercontinental Championship victory over Roman Reigns and receiving a babyface response from the live audiences at both Barclays Center and the Manhattan Center.

Although The Miztourage ran interference in the RAW 25 match between The Miz and Reigns, 'The A-Lister' scored a pinfall victory over Reigns.

"I remember pinning him 1-2-3," The Miz recalled. "And just everything becomes warm, and you get this sensation that you kind of feel your eyes water, and you're saying, 'oh my God, don't cry, don't cry.' To hold the Intercontinental title for the eighth time, there's no feeling like that."

During the show, The Miz explained that he usually receives a negative crowd reaction when he wins; however, he was pleasantly surprised to have garnered a positive reaction for putting down 'The Big Dog'.

"Normally when I win a title, it's a 'boo'. This time was kind of a cheer. I don't know. Maybe for the first time I got respect. Maybe." The Mix explained, "I got to have my celebration at the Manhattan Center. The fans actually reacted to me as if I was a good guy and it was awesome."

Instead of focusing on Reigns' heat with the wrestleverse, The Miz suggested that his babyface crowd response was really due to finally earning the respect of the fanbase.

"I thought maybe I had the respect at Barclays [Center], but at Manhattan Center, these are the hardcore fans. For those hardcore fans to chant 'thank you, Miz', I've won the respect of the WWE Universe." The Miz mentioned, "I got more texts today than when I won the WWE Championship."

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Source: WWE 24


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