The Young Bucks Want To Face The Usos, Carmella Taunts Charlotte, WWE "What's Wrong With This Video"

- Above, is a "What's Wrong With This Video?" of WrestleMania 28's Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny. WWE inserted 32 errors throughout the video.

- Yesterday, WWE noted Carmella has held the Money in the Bank contract for 277 days. At a live event Carmella told Charlotte, "Ms. Money in the Bank! 277 days, baby! Charlotte better watch her back." Carmella has attempted to cash-in twice, failing both times. The first time, she mistakenly kicked the referee out of the ring and the other Charlotte booted Carmella out of the ring before she could get the match started. At WrestleMania 34, SmackDown Women's Champion will face Asuka, while Carmella is expected to be in the Women's Battle Royal.

- Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks noted how they would like to face The Usos at some point down the road. A fan asked Nick about once taking on The Usos and he recalled a time 7-8 years ago in California when they were asked "on the fly" to have a match against Jimmy and Jey. The Usos would win via top rope splash.


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