Two Stars Announce Their Lucha Underground Departures

Lucha Underground stars Angelico and Jack Evans both announced on Twitter they would be parting ways with the company. Angelico began his run in 2014 with the company and commented, "Now it is time to take another leap of faith."

Evans retweeted Angelico and also said he is finished with Lucha Underground after being with the company since 2015. A fan asked him why he was leaving and Evans said the main reason was being "lied to about the contract." Although the company has now relaxing their restrictions, wrestlers weren't able to work televised appearances outside of Lucha Underground, even between tapings. He also referenced an argument with Ivelisse as a catalyst, unclear if that was joke or not. Evans also noted he will make an appearance in the upcoming season.

During last weekend's Impact Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground show it was announced season four of Lucha Underground will begin on June 13 at 8pm ET. Season three finished up back on October 18, 2017. The show will return on the El Rey Network.