WINC Podcast (4/8): WWE WrestleMania 34 Review With Matt Morgan, Undertaker Appears, Ronda Rousey

Matt Morgan (@BPmattmorgan), Raj Giri (@RajGiri_303), and Glenn Rubenstein (@GlennRubenstein) are back for the latest edition of the Wrestling Inc. podcast. Topics include:

- WWE WrestleMania 34 Review

- The guys debate Nakamura vs. Styles.

- Was Lesnar defeating Reigns the right move?

- Ronda Rousey's first WWE in-ring performance.

- Did the right match go on last?

- Undertaker finally shows up to face John Cena.

- Shinsuke Nakamura's heel turn.

- Alicia Fox getting into an argument with Ronda Rousey's husband.

And more!

You can watch the full episode in the video above, or listen to it in the audio player below.

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