John Cena cs. The Undertaker

Back from a break and out comes John Cena to the ring. Cena tells the camera that “he” is here. A referee comes running to the ring as we get ready to go. Fans chant for The Undertaker for a minute or so as Cena waits. Cena steps out of the ring to some boos. The lights go out and fans pop thinking it’s The Dead Man. Elias appears on the stage instead, with his guitar. Elias calls for fans to silence their phones and shut up.

Elias walks to the ring and says we must have been expecting someone else. Elias says that someone else doesn’t have the charisma or talent that he has. Elias says Cena probably thought this was just going to be a walk in the park. Elias is in the ring now. He tells Cena to back off because he’ll take it from here. Cena isn’t thrilled. Elias is going to do what he does best and suggests Cena go do what he does best – watch from the crowd like a spectator. Elias says he’s about to make history. He starts performing a song, taking shots at Cena and the crowd.

Cena has heard enough. He comes in the ring and gets the upperhand on Elias. Cena nails the Five Knuckle Shuffle and the Attitude Adjustment to send Elias out to the floor. Cena stands tall and looks disappointed as fans chant for The Undertaker. Cena’s music hits as he hits the corner to pose. Cena walks up the ramp and his music stops. The lights go out. A spotlight shines n the ring and we see Taker’s hat and gear sitting in the middle of the ring like he left them. Lighting strikes. The spotlight comes back on and the gear is missing. The lights hit again and here come the bells tolling. Taker’s entrance starts up as fans pop. The Dead Man finally appears as fans cheer more. Taker slowly marches to the ring as Cena looks on.

Taker steps up on the apron and the lighting strikes again. Cena watches from the corner as Taker stands in the middle of the ring and stares him down. Taker’s lengthy entrance continues but he finally takes off the hat as the pyro goes off on the stage. Cena looks comically shook up. The bell rings and Taker unloads, backing Cena into the corner. The referee warns Taker and backs him off. Cena sends Taker into the corner but Cena gets the upperhand. They run the ropes and Taker hits the big flying clothesline. Taker focuses on Cena’s arm now and brings him to the corner. Fans pop as Taker hits Old School.

Taker charges with big shots into the corners. Taker hits Snake Eyes, a big boot and the big leg drop. Taker stands tall as fans pop. Taker grabs Cena for the chokeslam but Cena slides out. Cena slams Taker. Fans boo as Cena calls for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Taker sits up and Cena stops in his tracks. Taker grabs Cena and nails the big chokeslam. Taker cuts his own throat and scoops Cena for the Tombstone piledriver. Taker hits it in the middle of the ring and covers for the easy win.

Winner: The Undertaker

After the match, Taker stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays of what was pretty much a squash match. We come back and Taker’s music continues as the lights go down. Taker drops to one knee and poses as fans cheer him on. Taker marches up the ramp and stops on the stage with his back turned while the bells toll. Taker turns around, looks at the ring and turns back around. He raises his fist and heads to the back as the lighting strikes again. The announcers play up how great this WrestleMania moment was but there wasn’t much competition there.

This is from our live coverage of WWE WrestleMania. To access our full WWE WrestleMania coverage, click here.

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