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Tonight will feature a gauntlet match (Tony Nese, Mustafa Ali, Drew Gulak, Kalisto, and TJP) to decide who will face WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

- Nigel McGuinness is back on commentary. Percy Watson and Vic Joseph welcome us in and preview tonight's gauntlet match. The winner faces Alexander for the title at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

Mustafa Ali vs. TJP (Gauntlet Match)

Ali trying to use his agility early on, but TJP able to catch him a few times. Multiple pinning attempts from both wrestlers. Ali fakes a punch, rolls behind and dropkicks TJP in the back of the head. Ali with a wheel kick, pop-up dropkick. TJP taking a moment on the floor. Back in the ring, TJP ties Ali up in the ropes, then dropkicks him to the floor.

Mid-match backstage promo with Dasha Fuentes and Cedric Alexander. Dasha wonders if Buddy Murphy's attack is still on Alexander's mind, he says it is, but Murphy messed up by missing weight before their match. He puts over Ali and TJP. Back in the ring, TJP with a straight jacket submission, Ali rolls out of it, pin, one-count. Ali gets shoved into the ropes, russian leg sweep, cover, two. Ali chops down TJP, kick to the mug, rolling facebuster, cover, two-count.

Multiple counters, TJP up on the second rope, Ali follows, gets shoved off, back flip lands on his feet. TJP with a low dropkick to the knee and he quickly goes for a kneebar. Ali in a lot of pain as he finally gets to the bottom rope. Ali back up and lands a tornado DDT, slow moving, but heads up to the top rope 054 hits, 1-2-3.

TJP is eliminated.

Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak

Ali really selling his knee injury as Gulak looks to target it right off the bat. Ali tries for a quick cover, but Gulak kicks out quickly, and slams him into the ropes. Ali falls out to the floor, selling his hurt knee. Ali tries for a roll-up, Gulak with a big lariat that flips Ali upside down, cover, two.

Gulak really focusing on Ali's knee now. "Give up, Ali!" Ali trying to fight back, but he just isn't able to string together a number of attacks. Ali tries for a hurricanrana, nope, Gulak goes into a single leg crab. Ali gets up, kick to the head, and another one. Ali tries for a rolling facebuster, no, powerbomb, single leg crab, again. Gulak then gets an arm and yanks back on that. Ali finally gets to the bottom rope. Gulak can't believe it. Gulak sits Ali up on the top rope, tries for a submission, Ali smacks his ear to stun him.

Ali with his own leg submission over the rope. Big crossbody from the top rope down to the floor and clears out Gulak. "Ali!" chant breaks out. Action back in the ring, Gulak with a chop block on the knee. Ali somehow hits a tornado DDT, he tries climbing up to the top, Gulak catches him and tosses him down to the floor. Ali went hard into the steps! Ouch! Gulak goes out and grabs Ali (who's out of it), brings him in and locks in a dragon sleeper. Ref calls the match.

Mustafa Ali eliminated.

Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese

Nese gets in some offense and stomps away at Gulak. He continues away and Gulak finally tries to get out to the floor, Nese with a fosbury flop then throws his opponent into the barricade. Nese continues to beat up Gulak, throws him over the announce table. Grabs him and throws him right into the table. Nese yelling at Gulak who finally gets in a punch. Nese immediately drops him, yelling in anger. Gulak dumps Nese to the apron, but just gets a knee to the chest. Nese tries for a second rope moonsault, lands on his feet, heads out to the floor and hits a running forearm.

Back in the ring, Gulak in the corner, Nese stomps away at him, then hits a nasty running knee. Gulak is out of it and could probably pin him, but he drags Gulak back over to the corner. Nese pulls down the knee pad this time and goes for a second knee, Gulak moves out of the way and is gets in the surprise dragon sleeper in the middle of the ring! Nese ends up tapping out. He's super mad.

Tony Nese is eliminated.

Drew Gulak vs. Kalisto

Kalisto runs in, but Gulak instantly bails to the floor and hangs out on the announce table. Kalisto just does the "lucha!" thing in the ring and for whatever reason gives Gulak a breather. Gulak in the ring, Kalisto charges and Gulak heads back out again, and again, and again. Kalisto tries for a suicide dive, Gulak sidesteps him and sends Kalisto into the barricade.

Mid-match, back to Dasha with Tony Nese. She asks how he'll rebound from this disappointment, Nese just stares at her and heads off. Kalisto and Gulak finally in the ring, Gulak tries for a dragon sleeper, but Kalisto gets away. Back and forth action, Kalisto tries for a tornado DDT, Gulak catches him throw him on the top rope. Gulak goes for the dragon sleeper again, Kalisto rolls out of it, Salida del sol hits for the victory.

Winner: Kalisto via Pinfall. Will now face Cedric Alexander for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

- Post-match, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik run out to celebrate with their partner. Alexander's music hits, he comes out and claps for Kalisto.