WWE Co-Presidents George Barrios and Michelle Wilson are hosting the post-WrestleMania 34 conference call today from WWE HQ in Stamford, CT. Below are highlights from the call:

* WWE SVP Financial Planning &a Investor Relations Michael Weitz welcomes us and thanks everyone. Weiss mentions WrestleMania 34 and refers everyone to the WWE Corporate website for the press release to go with the call. He goes over the basics and introduces the Co-Presidents

* Barrios takes over and touts WrestleMania 34 attendance and the record they broke as the highest-grossing Superdome event. Barrios says WrestleMania continues to be a driver of subscriber growth. He announces 2.1 million subscribers for the WWE Network, adding that WrestleMania was watched in more homes than ever

* Barrios talks about adjusted numbers from the press release we posted earlier and says the company expects another year of record growth. Barrios says as excited as everyone is about last night, it's important to remember that the Network is the hub of their direct-to-consumer strategy and will soon be where their biggest fans gather for video, product and tickets, calling it a multi-generational platform. They turn it over to the Q&A portion of the call now

* Barrios talked on how WWE feels strong about their localization efforts and that's something they will continue to focus on. It's not just about new markets but it's about going deeper into the markets that they're already in. Barrios uses the multi-generational term again and says they are in it for the long-haul with the Network. They are asked about RAW and SmackDown TV deals as they approach the bidding period, and if Facebook Watch metrics have changed how WWE looks at Facebook when it comes to RAW and SmackDown, and if the Facebook - Cambridge Analytica scandal has changed a potential working relationship. Barrios said they have been happy with the engagements they've seen as the first live sports provider on Facebook. Regarding the Cambridge Analytica debacle, Barrios said it really doesn't affect WWE and Facebook has said they are focused on privacy. Barrios says they will continue to watch that as Facebook evolves but Mixed Match Challenge wasn't involved in any of the data issues

* They were asked about the 10-year deal with Saudi Arabia, which begins with the Greatest Royal Rumble event on April 27th. Barrios said the Rumble financial numbers will be discussed during another call as the event takes place in the second quarter. Barrios said the Saudi deal is an example of their business partner strategy beginning to blossom. Wilson mentioned how they are very happy with engagement numbers during WrestleMania Week as they were up 12% this year. They were asked if they did anything different during this WrestleMania Season to drive subscribers. Wilson said they are constantly refining their marketing and doing new things. Wilson touted them having a great WrestleMania card this year and pointed to Ronda Rousey's debut as well as Daniel Bryan's ring return. Wilson also feels good about how they got the message out about new subscribers getting WrestleMania 34 free under a trial, including how they used Superstars in creative videos to plug the offer. Wilson said they continue to research feedback from subscribers and one thing fans wanted was for both brands to be featured on pay-per-view events, which will begin with the upcoming Backlash pay-per-view. Wilson said they continue to revise their content strategy to help with subscribers

* They were asked about tiered pricing. Barrios said they think there's an opportunity to tier the product and it's coming but they don't have a launch date yet. Barrios said it's coming sooner rather than later. When asked about internet reviews and commentary on last night's big event, one caller mentions how the female matches were good but some fans said they were too short. The caller asked about an issue with finding more air time for the female Superstars and if they might need their own programming or their own pay-per-view. Barrios mentions how he had chills when Rousey picked up Triple H, especially as a father to 3 girls. He says the sky is the limit for the division, whether it's Rousey, Asuka or SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair. Wilson said the things the caller mentioned are things they have discussed. They are very optimistic about the future when it comes to presenting the female Superstars in ways they haven't before

* They were asked about Rousey and social media indicates that fans really enjoyed the Rousey and Kurt Angle vs. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon match. Wilson said Rousey is uniquely focused on continuing to perfect her in-ring abilities. They are extremely pleased as Rousey delivered in a big way. She also noted that WWE loves to be a platform for the women empowerment movement. They took a few more questions and that was it for the call