WWE Fans Contacted Over WrestleMania 34 Week Measles Case, John Cena Reads Thirsty Tweets, WWE Stock

- John Cena reads "Thirst Tweets" in this new video from BuzzFeed.

- WWE stock was down 0.04% today, closing at $38.52 per share. Today's high was $38.95 and the low was $38.11.

- The local ABC and Fox affiliates in New Orleans are reporting that a WWE fan from the UK who came to the city last week for WrestleMania 34 Week has been confirmed to have a case of the measles, a highly contagious viral illness that spreads quickly among those who are not vaccinated. The man arrived in New Orleans late last week and became increasingly ill through the week. He was hospitalized over the weekend and the State Office of Public Health laboratory confirmed the illness. State officials confirmed that the man did attend some public events and they are tracking his movements to identify who he may have come into contact with, including the use of taxis and restaurants. The man was still hospitalized as of Monday. Concerned fans who attended WrestleMania Week can read the official announcement from the Louisiana Department of Health at this link.

Local Fox reporter Allen Henry confirmed that the man attended the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Friday night but was hospitalized on Saturday. The Louisiana Department of Health has reportedly started contacting attendees via letters, asking them to monitor their symptoms. Symptoms include runny nose, cough, fever and eventually white spots on the inside of your mouth, and rashes on your skin. Fox has one letter sent to a fan who flew on a plane with the infected man and you can see that at this link.


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