WWE GRR: Roman Reigns Vs. Brock Lesnar (Steel Cage Match For The WWE Universal Title)

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Universal Title: Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar

We go to the ring and see the Steel Cage being lowered. Out first comes Roman Reigns as pyro goes off. Out next comes WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman right behind him. Lesnar also gets some pyro for his entrance. Lesnar smirks at Reigns as he walks around the cage and checks things out. They stare each other down as The Beast enters the cage. We get formal ring introductions.

Heyman interrupts the intros and does his own grand introduction for his client. The bell rings and they size each other up. Reigns charges but Lesnar catches him and delivers German suplex #1. Lesnar with another German suplex. Lesnar with a third German suplex to start the match.

Lesnar stalks Reigns and hits a 4th German. Lesnar scoops Reigns and drops him in the middle of the ring with the F5. Lesnar smiles down at Reigns and grabs him for another F5. Reigns slides out this time and nails the Superman Punch. Reigns with a second Superman Punch to stun Lesnar. Reigns hits a third Superman Punch. Reigns calls for the Spear now. Reigns charges but Lesnar scoops him for the F5 but Reigns escapes to the cage wall. Reigns climbs up and gets one leg over the top of the cage but Lesnar grabs him.

Lesnar drops Reigns while they're both on the top rope now. Reigns falls to the mat. Lesnar climbs to the top of the cage now. Lesnar is moving slow, allowing Reigns to recover and grab him. Reigns forces Lesnar to come back to the top rope. Reigns brings Lesnar back to the mat with a powerbomb but Lesnar gets right up. Heyman looks concerned. We see Samoa Joe backstage watching the match as he will face Reigns at Backlash on May 6th. Reigns nails Lesnar and tosses him into the steel a few times.

Reigns hits two Spears on Lesnar now. Reigns waits for Lesnar to get up and hits another Spear. Reigns is slow to cover and Lesnar kicks out at 2. Lesnar ends up coming back and dropping Reigns with the F5 after the cage door is opened and a few assists from Heyman at ringside. Heyman slides a steel chair into the cage now. Reigns with more big offense to keep Lesnar down after a counter. Reigns with three stiff chair shots to Lesnar's back, and another. Reigns drops the chair and calls for the Superman Punch. Lesnar gets up and Reigns connects with the punch. Reigns charges with a Spear but they both go flying through the side of the cage. Both land out on the floor at the same time but Lesnar is announced the winner as he made contact with the floor first.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

After the announcement, everyone is shocked at the finish. Both are still down on the outside as Heyman looks on with the title. We go to replays of the spear and Lesnar did hit the ground first. Heyman checks on Lesnar but he and Reigns are still down. We go to more replays. We come back to Lesnar and Heyman marching up the ramp. Lesnar stops to look back at the carnage.

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