WWE Main Event Recap: Curt Hawkins Vs. Karl Anderson, Cruiserweight Tag Team Action

The Main Event opening video kicks off the show after the usual WWE signature. Karl Anderson (with Luke Gallows) and Curt Hawkins make their entrances as Vic Joseph and Percy Watson check in on commentary.

Curt Hawkins vs. Karl Anderson

They lock up. Hawkins locks in a headlock, Anderson sends him to the ropes. Hawkins hits a shoulder block on Anderson. Hawkins suplexes Anderson. Hawkins locks in a face-lock, Anderson fights out of it. Hawkins sweeps the legs of Anderson. Hawkins kicks Anderson before pinning him for a two count. Hawkins locks in a headlock, Anderson fights out of it. Hawkins drives his hip into Anderson. Anderson hits a Spine-Buster on Hawkins. Anderson uppercuts Hawkins. Anderson clotheslines Hawkins. Anderson connects with a running kick to Hawkins. Hawkins pushes Anderson to the ropes. Hawkins hits a Michinoku Driver on Anderson. Hawkins pins Anderson for a two count. Anderson dodges an attack attempt by Hawkins in the corner. Anderson kicks Hawkins. Anderson ascends the turnbuckles. Anderson hits a Diving Neck-Breaker on Hawkins. Anderson pins Hawkins for the win.

Winner: Karl Anderson

A recap of Jeff Hardy defeating Jinder Mahal for the United States Championship on RAW is shown.

A recap of the verbal altercation between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe from RAW is shown.

A recap of The Miz TV segment from RAW is shown featuring the re-debut on RAW of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik and Ariya Daivari & TJP make their entrances.

Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik vs. Ariya Daivari & TJP

Metalik and Daivari start the match. Daivari strikes Metalik. Metalik ducks a clothesline attempt by Daivari. Metalik chops Daivari. Metalik superkicks Daivari before pinning him for a two count. TJP tags in. TJP stomps on Metalik in the corner. Metalik hits an arm-drag on TJP. Metalik dropkicks TJP. Dorado is tagged in. Dorado launches Metalik into a dropkick to TJP. Dorado splashes TJP. Dorado pins TJP for a two count. Dorado and Metalik tease a Dive to the outside as we head into a commercial break.

Metalik fights his way out of a submission attempt by TJP as we return from the commercial break. Metalik strikes TJP. Metalik hits an Insiguri on TJP. Daivari pulls Dorado off the apron. TJP strikes Metalik several times. Daivari is tagged in. Daivari stomps on Metalik. TJP is tagged back in. Metalik flips out of a Back-Suplex attempt by Daivari and TJP. Dorado tags in. Dorado hits a cross-body on TJP. Dorado dropkicks Daivari. Dorado hits a hurricanruna on TJP. Dorado superkicks TJP. Dorado hits a moonsault on TJP. Daivari breaks a pinfall attempt by Dorado on TJP. Metalik connects with a Missile Dropkick from off the top rope on Daivari. Metalik hits a Senton to the outside on Daivari with an assist from Metalik. Metalik hits a Back-Handspring into a Stunner on TJP. Metalik ascends the turnbuckles. Metalik hits a Shooting Star Press on TJP. Metalik pins TJP for the win.

Winners: Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado

A recap of Daniel Bryan and WWE Champion AJ Styles defeating Rusev and Aiden English via disqualification, after inferences from Shinsuke Nakamura and Big Cass on SmackDown Live, is shown to close the show.


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