"All In" Press Conference Recap

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Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of the All In Press Conference. Coverage will begin at 2pm ET, you can check out the stream for it in the video above. It's also being streamed on Facebook. All In will take place at the Sears Centre Arena in Chicago, Illinois on September 1.

Talent already announced for the show: Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Marty Scurll, Adam Page, Kenny Omega, Stephen Amell, Tessa Blanchard, Deonna Purrazzo, Fenix, Pentagon Jr., Chelsea Green, Joey Janela, Penelope Ford, Kazuchika Okada, Jay Lethal, Britt Baker, and Matt Cross. Tickets go on sale later today at 4pm ET and are selling between $28-$153.

- Keeping an eye on social media. Before things get going with the press conference, the NWA Twitter posted a photo of what looks to be part of the "All In" logo. We'll find out how their potentially involved in just a bit.

- Things start with a video of Cody and The Young Bucks talking about self-funding this event and how the idea originate. The three talk about how they met, the talent being involved with the show, and wanting to put a bigger show like this together.

- Bernard the Business Bear heads out first to hype up the crowd a bit.

- Jen Decker out to give some info about the event. Says "Hi, Vince," and then jokes "Vince doesn't know how to use the internet." She then runs down a list of people appearing for Starrcast, also notes CM Punk is signing in Chicago that week. Continues that the show is self-financed and without corporate sponsors. She introduces Cody next.

- Cody Rhodes thanks everyone, jokes they've already broken a mic and can't figure out where to put the cameras for the stream. Says he hopes to give fans elite wrestling with this event and break the mold. Someone in the crowd mentions Flip Gordon, Cody wasn't trilled about that, Flip is still not booked. Cody also notes CM Punk signing at One Hour Tees. Gives thanks to Hot Topic, Ring of Honor, and Cracker Barrel and toted that ROH could have given them plenty of push back on doing this show and instead they gave plenty of support.

- Cody introduces Billy Corgan who says the NWA World Heavyweight Championship will defended at the event and it will be against Cody Rhodes.

- Tessa Blanchard out next and talks about traveling the world and how this is a special event. Says she's blessed to be involved with it and tells everyone she's all in.

- Marty Scurll and Adam Page out, plenty of back and forth with crowd. They decide to do a Q&A and are asked a few questions. One is about Joey Ryan, Page gets all grumpy. The last one is asked about Flip Gordon being booked on the show. Scurll then says the reporter looks familiar and asks him to come up closer. Scurll then takes off the disguise and it's Gordon! Scurll wasn't happy about this and gets superkicked, but Page gives Gordon a spinebuster through one of the tables. Scurll goes to beat him up some more and Deonna holds him back. Page, Scurll, and Deonna all head to the back.

- Young Bucks are brought out next and they will be in the main event of the show. Before they start, they have Gordon carried to the back. Matt talks ticket prices and how they are affordable because there is only one number they care about that that's 10k. Nick gets on the mic and speaks about how they've broken barriers with retail stores and other places, and they hope to do it again at All In. They close by announcing Rey Mysterio will be appearing at the show.


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