Ariya Daivari Says He Received Death Threats Following Greatest Royal Rumble

Ariya Daivari says that he received death threats following his appearance at last Friday's "Greatest Royal Rumble" event.

At the event, Ariya and his brother Shawn, who was making his first televised WWE appearance in 11 years, confronted some Saudi Arabian recruits. The Daivari brothers touted Iran as being greater than Saudi Arabia to play off of the conflict between the two countries, which caused them to get beaten down by the recruits.

Ariya took to twitter and apologized to anyone who might have been offended by the segment, noting that he plays a character and that he has an "incredible amount of respect for the great people of Iran." He added that he is very proud of his Iranian heritage, as seen below:

When a Twitter user noted that he doesn't need to apologize for playing a character, Ariya revealed that there were people that were offended by it and that "some threats were made against my life."


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