Bayley On Paige's Career-Ending Injury And Helping Her In NXT, Paige Responds

Bayley spoke with Sky Sports Lock Up podcast and gave her thoughts about her friend Paige, who officially retired last month and transitioned to becoming the SmackDown General Manager. Back in January, Paige took a kick to the back during a house show that forced a stoppage to the match. WWE decided not to clear her for in-ring action after the accident. Paige had just returned to WWE in late November after a seventeen month absence due to a neck injury she suffered in June of 2016.

In her interview, Bayley spoke a bit about Paige's injury and how much help Paige was when she first got to NXT.

"We all know going into this business and stepping into the ring, there's a possibility of injury," Bayley said. "But you're never expecting it to happen and when it does, it's just the worst thing ever. Paige is someone who is very close to me - ya know, outside of the ring - she helped me when I first got to NXT. She was the only person that I knew when I started, she was the only person I met before, we met in [the wrestling promotion], Shimmer. She kind of looked out for me and introduced me to all the right people."

Paige herself said she pushed her body too far and it caught up with, noting that she may have been in a wheelchair had she kept going. Bayley spoke about Paige as a person and was fully confident that she would succeed in WWE, despite not being able to get back in the ring.

"She's such a good person and such a positive person. I think she's accepted her role that she's in now as the SmackDown General Manager and I think she's doing such a great job," Bayley said. "Such a character. And I know she's going to do amazing things going forward in the company. Even though she can't be in the ring anymore, and it's heartbreaking, but she's incredible."

You can see Bayley's comments in the video below and also Paige's response to the video.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Sky Sports Lock Up with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


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