Brandi Rhodes Shuts Down Individual On Twitter, ROH HonorClub, Winners Of Past NJPW BOTSJ

- Above is a look back at the winners of previous NJPW Best of the Super Jr. tournaments (1994-2017). Last year's winning was KUSHIDA who defeated Will Ospreay in the finals.

- The ROH App (featuring HonorClub) is now available on all Apple and Android devices so fans can check out ROH content on their phones and tablets going forward.

- After going through successful surgery on her broken collarbone (occurred during her tour in Japan with Stardom), Brandi Rhodes tweeted out, "I don't wrestle because I have to. I do it because I want to. I love to. I miss countless acting and modeling opportunities to make shows. Opportunities that pay very well and wouldn't crush my collarbone to pieces. Please respect talents efforts. You don't have to like us all." A naysayer came along to say Brandi was doing it to help Cody pay the bills and Brandi went on to explain how wrong they were, which you can see in the tweets below.


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