Brie Bella Confronts Nikki About John Cena On Total Bellas (Video), Paul Heyman - The Bullet Club

- Above is a preview for the new season of Total Bellas, which premieres this Sunday on E!. In the clip, Brie Bella confronts Nikki about "walking on eggshells" with John Cena about their now-cancelled wedding.

"Sometimes you tip-toe around John to not make him angry and I think that's bulls--t," Brie said. "I tell Bryan exactly how I feel all the time, I don't hold back ever... You have made a lot of sacrifices, it's about time John starts making some... He's freakin' lucky that he's marrying you, and it bothers me that you're going to sacrifice all of it just because you're grateful that John proposed to you."

- Paul Heyman praised Bullet Club members Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks for "All In" selling out in less than 30 minutes after tickets went on sale on Sunday. They had the following exchange:


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