Caleb Konley On Impact's Previous Management Just There For A Payday, Lucha Underground, Trevor Lee

Impact Star Caleb Konley spoke with the Wrestling Epicenter on Impact cross-promoting with Lucha Underground, Impact's changes in management, and working with Trevor Lee. Here are some of the highlights:

Changes in management for Impact Wrestling over the time he's been under contract there:

"We've obviously been in a weird transition period for a little while. That is no secret. It takes a little while, but I feel like the ball is starting to roll downhill. I don't want to speak for anybody and I don't mean this super negatively towards anybody that was in past management. [Laughs] I always feel the wrestlers want to go out there and kill it, but some of the management guys were kind of slacking off. I wasn't really there for it so I don't know too well, but I think they were just trying to get a payday. As of now, the guys in charge like Don Callis, Sonjay [Dutt], Scott D'Amore, and everyone that is involved in management at Impact Wrestling, they really want to see everything work! They're really putting their heart and souls into the product and I think that translates to the wrestlers. I think that translates to the TV and the fans notice that and appreciate it."

Impact doing cross promotion shows like they did with Lucha Underground at WrestleCon:

"I think it is great. We live in a time where so much wrestling is seen online. There's all these people who fantasy book these cross promotion shows ... You can't really act like other promotions don't exist like has happened in the past hundred years of wrestling. You really have to be open and say, 'This is Impact but also, Lucha Underground exists and everything else in the world exists.' It is nice to get out and wrestle guys I probably would not ever get a chance to wrestle with if this was a different time. I think 2018 is a very weird and different time in wrestling and I think it is going to only get better from here."

Being paired with Trevor Lee:

"Well, Trevor is from about two hours away from where I live in Charlotte. I've known him since he was about 16 years old. We're both from the same area, we're both second generation guys. We're both tired of the bullcrap that comes along on the indies and on Impact. Some guys want to go out there and be fancy and do all the flips and all the cool spots. We're just going out there to bash heads and we're going to talk crap to you while we do it!"

Konley also discussed knowing he wanted to wrestle in high school and the Impact Tag Titles. You can listen to Konley's full comments in the video above or read more of the interview by clicking here.


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