Damien Sandow Teasing "Special Announcement," Renee Young Compares NHL Playoff Game To WrestleMania

- As noted, Renee Young and husband Dean Ambrose attended the Stanley Cup Final Playoffs in Las Vegas last night. NHL.com posted the video above of Young appearing on NHL Now on the NHL Network to discuss her Canadian roots and how Las Vegas has embraced the Vegas Golden Knights. She also compared the atmosphere at the game to a WrestleMania.

"It's like WrestleMania out here right now," Young said. "Seeing the way it fills up here outside of T-Mobile [Arena], down at Mandalay Bay, down at all the other casino and pool events, people swarm out... Everyone's drinking and partying and having beers, it does have that big atmosphere feel."

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- Former WWE star Aaron Steven, f.k.a. Damien Sandow in WWE and Aron Rex in Impact Wrestling, stated on his Instagram that he will make a "very special announcement" this Friday. Sandow had taken a sabbatical from the business to focus on acting since leaving Impact Wrestling in April of 2017.

Randy Stonewall contributed to this article.


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