Drew McIntyre On How The RAW Locker Room Has Changed, Bring In A New Era With Dolph Ziggler, More

Drew McIntyre recently spoke with the WWE website about his return to the RAW brand and more. The full interview, which also features comments from Dolph Ziggler, is at this link and below are highlights:

Ziggler on working with McIntyre on RAW as of late:

"[Drew] has made a couple of lines very clear. Some people get complacent here; some people get soft. They know they're collecting a check. They know they're not one of the guys who got let go a couple of years ago, whether they should be or not. That's a slap in the face to a lot of us who are fighting for time on the show and think we've been overlooked or think we should be doing something much more important. You forget, or you take it for granted, that you're in the greatest wrestling/sports-entertainment company in the entire world. Sometimes, someone needs to pinch you or slap you and let you know the deal."

"Even when we're next to each other on Raw, you can see the look in his eyes that he's just waiting to beat the hell out of somebody, and that is so refreshing for me. He's someone who doesn't take [his job] for granted because he did have to go away. If you think you don't come back [from that] with a chip on your shoulder, you're crazy."

McIntyre on how the RAW locker room is now:

"I remember thinking, 'Man, people are so relaxed now,' acting like it's not live Raw. There's no tension in the air. Everyone is just getting along like we're at band camp."

"There are Superstars that deserve to be at the top and do give everything. But unfortunately, a vast majority wouldn't have survived 11 years ago when I got signed. Those who ask themselves, 'Is he talking about me?' Positive or negative, the answer is probably yes."

McIntyre on how he and Ziggler are doing this campaign from a place of positivity:

"In the end, it trickles down from the top to the bottom. WWE Raw is the No. 1 sports-entertainment show in the world. If it starts to suffer, the rest of the sports-entertainment world starts to suffer. Together, we can bring a new era into WWE and lead them into where they need to be. We are truly leading by example, no matter how anyone sees us. This is for everyone's own good."

Source: WWE


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