Impact Wrestling Results (5/24): X Division Championship Match, Moose Vs. Kongo Kong, Austin Aries

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- We start with DJZ talking about his injury from last year and see clips of last week when DJZ and Andrew Everett won the tag titles. More clips are shown from last week between Tessa Blanchard / Madison Rayne, Sami Callihan / Eddie Edward, and Kongo Kong / Moose.

- Don Callis returns to commentary after being away due to Callihan's attack a few weeks back.

oVe (with Sami Callihan) vs. Drago and Aerostar

We're barely a minute into the match and Aerostar / Drago take to the skies and wipe out oVe. Finally Jake and Drago get us started, Dave quickly in and stretches out Drago. Drago sent out to the floor, Callihan with a cheap shot, sends him back in, cover, two. Drago with a couple superkicks, Aerostar hits a hurricanrana off the second rope. Dave able to fight off both opponents, brings in Jake who lands a flurry of kicks. We're suddenly looking outside and Eddie Edwards shows up with a kendo stick in hand. His wife, Alisha Edwards chases after him yelling, "It's ovah!" Edwards shows up in the ring, whacks Jake and Dave for the DQ finish. He then smacks Callihan and chokes him with kendo stick.

Winners: oVe via DQ

Referees trying to stop him, more security comes out and it takes six guys to pull him away. Edwards has completely snapped as Alisha keeps yelling at him that it's over. Callihan is a drooling mess in the middle of the ring and Edwards swings away on all of the security guards, yelling all along the way.

- Alisha is still yelling at Edwards backstage, he tries to justify his actions and she says he's acting just like him. Edwards says he wants him no ropes, no ref, in the...woods? It's not over yet.

- In studio, Callis and Mathews are discussing how brutal this feud has gotten. Callis says it reminds him of Tommer Dreamer vs. Raven. They preview tonight's X Division Championship match: Matt Sydal (c) vs. Fantasma. Also tonight's main event, Kongo Kong and Moose.

Cult of Lee vs. LAX

Action out on the floor, Lee and Konley put down LAX early, but LAX begins to fight back with plenty of chops and forearms. Finally things get into the ring with plenty of back and forth action before heading to a break. As we return, Lee is choking out Ortiz over the top rope as the referee is distracted. Ortiz dispatches Lee and nearly gets to Santana, but Konley stops that and pops Santana down to the floor. Lee with a big punt on Ortiz from the apron. Konley drops Ortiz, goes for a pin, two-count.

Commentary noting LAX has won a match since Redemption. Santana with the hot tag, takes down Konley, kicks out the leg of Lee, DDT on Konley, and a boot to Lee's mug. Assisted death valley driver, cover, and Lee just breaks it up. LAX double chops Lee out of the ring. LAX look to have this, but Lee trips up Ortiz, Konley rolls up Santana (gets a handful of tights) and the victory. Santana is not happy about this.

Winners: Cult of Lee via Pinfall

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks with Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong about tonight's match against Moose. Jacobs says he didn't appreciate the accusations about Kongo being the one that's taking people out backstage without any proof. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. Tonight, he wants Kongo to destroy Moose, because he's a princess and he always get what he wants.

- Backstage, KM talks to Fallah Bahh about following the "KM Way." They notice Grado hanging with Katarina, "If a fat ass like Grado can get a woman like that!" KM tells Bahh to give her his best line, "Bahh!" KM then wonders how Katarina got with Grade and she responds, "I'm a bit of a chubby chaser," Grado gives her a look and she backtracks a little bit as the duo head off.

- GWN moment of the week involves Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, and Brooke Hogan. Bully and Jeff exchange respect for each other and hype their upcoming match. Hulk Hogan heads out with some crutches to talk about the match. Aces and Eights show up, more of the TNA roster head out to the ring and a brawl ensues.

- Last week, Tessa Blanchard attacked Kiera Hogan after defeating her in a match. Madison Rayne came to the ring to stop all of that. Backstage, Rayne talks with McKenzie about returning and meeting some of the new Knockouts and came back to be on commentary, not be in the ring. Rayne says someone has to stop the bullying though and before she can finish, Blanchard shows up and tells Rayne next time she should stay at home, next time they should meet face to face in the ring. Next week, they will have a match.

- Backstage, DJZ and Everett talk about how they can hang with any team after winning the titles. Scott Steiner and Eli Drake show up, Steiner starts yelling at them about being lucky. Drake and Steiner suddenly have issues about how that last match and they look to go their separate ways.

Matt Sydal (c) vs. El Hijo del Fantasma (Impact X Division Championship)

Fantasma getting the best of Sydal early on. Sydal working over Fantasma's arm, side russian leg sweep right into a modified cobra clutch. Sydal keeps trying to enlighten Fantasma and tells him to open his third eye. Fantasma gets in some strikes, but a big spinning kick sends him down to the mat. Sydal with a standing shooting star press, takes too long and Fantasma lifts the knees.

Sydal gets sent out to the floor, Fantasma looks to fly and ends up hitting a baseball slide as we go to break. Action out on the floor, Fantasma interacting with fans instead of looking to put Sydal away. They move back to the ring, Sydal drops Fantasma and looks to land the shooting star press, nobody home. Fantasma works away on Sydal's leg in the middle of the ring. Sydal finally gets out of it, slides under Fantasma's legs, lifts and drops Fantasma down on his head for the victory.

Winner: Matt Sydal via Pinfall to retain the X Division Championship

- LAX Lair, Santana and Ortiz are super mad, flipping tables about their loss and wondering where Konnan is. Eddie Kingston suddenly shows up and lets them know Konnan is fine and he's with Homicide. Eddie is holding down New York City and says everything with the shipments are fine (whew...). He then tells Santana and Ortiz they are on a rough streak and need to step up. Santana and Ortiz seems to be put at ease by all of this.

- Austin Aries talks about not getting the job done against Pentagon Jr. (and Fenix) at Redemption. Aries says now they are going to be in Aries element, one-on-one, and he thinks Pentagon will fold under the pressure. He continues they will find out who will be the one true champion. Next week, these two will meet.

- In studio, Callis says there's no update this week on the backstage attacks, but he has alerted the police and upped security backstage. No one has been attacked tonight.

Dezmond Xavier vs. Petey Williams (winner faces Brian Cage next week at Impact: Under Pressure)

They shake hands for good sportsmanship. Williams getting the best of Xavier, hits a hurricanrana, avoids a strike from Xavier, and Xavier bails out to the floor for a breather. He heads back in, kick to Williams' midsection, and hits a dropkick. Williams gets put up on the top turnbuckle, hits a hurricanrana that sends Xavier out to the floor. Williams launches himself over the top rope and nails another hurricanrana as we head to break.

Williams back suplex, cover, and Xavier kicks out. Williams continues to keep Xavier grounded and throws him into the corner, puts him in a tree of woe, climbs up for a double stomp and Xavier with a german suplex sending Williams crashing to the mat. Xavier with a delayed low dropkick that sends him out to the ring, Xaiver with a massive front flip over the top rope! Back in the ring, Williams plants Xavier face first, looks for a canadian destroyer, no, side leg sweep, cover, two.

He looks for another canadian destroyer, no, Xavier with a few strikes, cutter, cover, two-count. Williams with a codebreaker, another canadian destroyer, doesn't quite get it and Xavier hits double knees to Williams' face. Xavier tries for his finisher, no, but superkick catches Williams and he finally nails Williams with that back flip kick to the head, pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: Dezmond Xavier via Pinfall

- We see Allie looking at that note and weird looking doll she received last week. Also, clips of Su Yung setting Rosemary's coffin on fire. Allie puts a hoodie up and she suddenly has face Rosemary's facepaint on. In the mirror she was looking at it says "B, don't let the darkness consume you - R"

Kongo Kong vs. Moose

Jimmy Jacobs doesn't come out with Kongo, who keeps looking around for him. Kongo getting in his strikes early on, drops him to the mat, but Moose with a kip-up isn't phased. Moose with a dropkick, clotheslines Kongo to the floor (lands on his feet), and Moose with a crossbody over the top. Moose charges in and gets thrown into the steel steps.

Kongo with a cannonball, crushing Moose into the steps. Referee begins his 10-count and Moose gets back in. Kongo flips Moose easily to the mat and then slams down on him, cover, two. Moose tries for a power slam, but the weight of Kongo sends him on his back, pin, two. Crowd trying to get Moose back into this match. Kongo swings away, but it doesn't seem to be hurting Moose. Headbutt by Moose, dropkick in the corner, follows that with a delayed low dropkick. Kong tries for a top rope splash, nobody home, lands hard on his knees too. Moose hits a few pump kicks, Moose hits a power slam on the big man. Spear lands, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Moose via Pinfall

- Post-match, we see the familiar "X" symbol and Jimmy Jacobs is knocked out backstage with a card on his arm!


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