James Ellsworth On His Intergender Championship And If It Would Fit On WWE TV

James Ellsworth appeared on the Roman Show and discussed creating his Intergender Championship and working against Becky Lynch. Here are some of the highlights:

Intergender matches in WWE:

"I just did one, back in November, Becky Lynch and I had the first intergender match in a decade [in WWE]. [Then] at WrestleMania with Triple H stepping in with Ronda Rousey, which really Triple H should be the scared gender in that situation. So, it's coming back a little bit."

Creating his intergender title:

"When I left WWE, the last thing I did was wrestle Becky Lynch on television. I fell a little short, and from that moment I was like, 'You know what? I am going to create an Intergender Title and I am going to defeat women all over the world and get my retribution.'"

His title fitting into WWE programming:

"I don't think they would do it on television, but maybe one day. They have been breaking boundaries with women's wrestling, in general. Maybe one day we'll have an intergender title on WWE television."

His time with WWE:

"It's hard to imagine that everything that happened, happened. Beating AJ Styles three times, going to WrestleMania, [and] being part of the Royal Rumble. All the cool things I did, I never imagined it, honestly."

You can check out Ellsworth's comments in the video above or by clicking here.


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