Jeff Hardy Injury Update, Liverpool FC Responds To Rusev, Carmella On Her Cheerleading Past

- SmackDown Women's Champion Carmella spoke with Sports Illustrated's Justin Barrasso for this week's "Week In Wrestling" feature. During the interview, she spoke about being a cheerleader with the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Lakers.

"This is a lot more meaningful," said Carmella. "I was a part of the team for three years with the Patriots and one year with the Lakers, and I had a great time. Both of those organizations are at the top of their industry as the best sports teams ever. Obviously I'm used to being part of the best, but it was time for me to step out onto my own. I was a manager for a lot of my time in NXT, I was the very last draft pick in the draft in 2016, but now I am the SmackDown women's champ. And I beat Charlotte Flair twice."

- We had reported earlier this week that Jeff Hardy appeared to have hurt his left leg during his dark match with the Miz at Tuesday's SmackDown tapings. Apparently it was nothing serious, as Hardy worked yesterday's SmackDown live event in Liverpool, defeating Rusev.

- As noted, Rusev predicted Real Madrid to defeat Liverpool 3-0 in the Champions League final next Saturday, May 26th. Rusev wore a Real Madrid shirt at yesterday's live event in Liverpool, as seen below. The official Twitter account of Liverpool FC responded to Rusev's trolling, writing, "Every day is Rusev Day... but hopefully not May 26!":


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