Jim Ross Reveals His Biggest "WWE Greatest Royal Rumble" Regret

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross had the opportunity to attend the Greatest Royal Rumble along with Jerry Lawler and a long list of other WWE talent. Ross reiterated his stance on feeling that the women should not have received any pay for missing the event in Saudi Arabia. He stated that although he has been "singing the rights of all women" for a long time, and that he hired the women during the Attitude Era, he still feels that women should not be paid for work that they did not do. Eventually, he does feel that women will make history and wrestle in Saudi Arabia.


While discussing the Greatest Royal Rumble with Jerry Lawler, Ross talked about how great the experience was from the standpoint of food and lodging, and that it was all "on Vince." Ross and Lawler explained that they did not get a chance to enjoy the city because of a busy schedule while in Jeddah. JR and Lawler talked about the eight to nine page document of what they cannot do, and Lawler recalled one of the things being that no one could wear miliitary-type clothing, or anything that made fun of the Royal Family or the Muslim religion. Lawler was afraid that any of his king wardrobe would not be permitted, but was happy when it was accepted when he brought his crown out.

JR admitted that his biggest regret of the whole experience was that he did not get to call a match with Lawler, because he does not know how long they will "saddle up" and have the opportunity to do it again.


"I wish we would have had the chance to call one match," said Ross. "And I think, hopefully, the guys ? Cole, and Graves, and Byron ? could have used that match to go refresh themselves, so to speak. You know, really. Stretch your legs, go to the bathroom, and we could have done one match. I think we would have done great. But, that was not the call, or the plays that were run by the coach, so we do what we did. But that's my only regret that we didn't get to call a match, I'd like to have done one match with you in Saudi."

Lawler stated that he would have loved to call the Greatest Royal Rumble, particularly when Titus O'Neil tripped and slid. Lawler encouraged O'Neil afterwards, and suggested that he slipped again on the following Raw. However, while being mocked, he would have came out the other side of the ring and rolled his opponent up for the win.

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Source: The Jim Ross Report