Jinder Mahal On If There Are Differences In The RAW And SmackDown Locker Rooms, "Maharaja Day", HOF

As noted, Jinder Mahal was recently interviewed by Planeta Wrestling during the WWE tour in Europe which concluded this past weekend. Below are some more highlights from the interview:

Winning the WWE United States Championship at WrestleMania 34:

"WrestleMania is amazing. 78,000 people there all over the world, including people from Spain. Everybody thought it was 'Rusev Day,' no way, it was 'Maharaja Day.' Unfortunately, Kurt Angle put me in a match that I wasn't prepared for when I lost the United States Championship to Jeff Hardy on Raw after WrestleMania, or else I would have brought the US Championship to Spain but we will get that Championship back. I look forward to many other WrestleMania moments, even main eventing WrestleMania."

Locker room differences between Raw and SmackDown:

"Generally, it is still the same but different competitors. Obviously in WWE everyone is on top of their game. WWE is the epitome of Sports Entertainment, it gets no bigger than this. So, whether you are on Raw or on SmackDown, the level of talent that we have on both sides is second to none. Overall, feeling in the locker room is still the same, but I keep to myself and focus on myself, and hope for the best."

If he thinks he will be in the WWE Hall of Fame someday:

"Yeah, definitely. I think it is possible. One of my goals is to become a WWE Hall of Famer. My goal is to have a career that is worthy of the Hall of Fame. We have such legendary figures in the Hall of Fame, so I want to continue to work hard so that I can one day be among them in the Hall of Fame."

WWE being a global brand:

"WWE is such a universal form of entertainment. I believe that you can watch WWE in mute and still know what is going on. With that being said, WWE is all over the world. Everyone can enjoy this form of entertainment. WWE is growing everyday, every week and every month. Seems like I hear a new partnership with television partners being broadcasted in a country where it wasn't broadcasted before. We go to many new countries all the time and put on groundbreaking events like the Saudi Arabia show with the Greatest Royal Rumble. I believe we are going back in November, this time in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The sky is truly the limit for WWE."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Planeta Wrestling with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


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