Former ECW World Champion and WWE Hardcore Champion Justin Credible has revealed on Twitter that his wife only has six months to live. Since making this announcement yesterday, Credible has experienced a whirlwind of emotions, from asking people to pray for him and his family, to publicly stating that he is trying to stay sober during this very tough time.

Credible explained, "It's just The woman that you've been on With for 23 years and Obama care doctor is telling Me She's going to die. wouldnt mean prescribed Xanax her MRI I guess those can be a little scary. What the f**k u know the b***h is dying. What are u afraid of Make comfortable." He also stated that he has received some good advice from Sean Waltman about alternative medicine. Despite struggling with his emotions, he is trying to remain positive, stating, "I can't sleep. Still trying to process all of this. I guess God doesn't give you anything that you can't handle. Let's see what happens. I'm not giving up."

Based a number of his tweets following this news, people started to show their worry for Credible, with some posting harsh comments that he felt was uncalled for. He then turned his worry to frustration of the people on social media.

"You know I am may have done some wrong but what the f**k did she ever do to deserve so much hate from the Internet community," Credible added. "Breaks my heart that that's how we've all become who you need to look at ourselves." He continued to shift his focus on the callousness of the Internet community, stating that he feels disposable despite being a human just like them.

Despite the negative remarks, Credible has recently retweeted many positive comments on Twitter, in a attempt to lift his hopes up. Credible also has a documentary coming out, which you can see the trailer above.