Kona Reeves On How He's Changed, Training Under A WWE Hall Of Famer, Being "The Finest" Of WWE NXT

WWE NXT Superstar Kona Reeves recently spoke with Byron Saxton for the WWE website. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

You've boldly proclaimed yourself as "NXT's Finest." Can you explain your motivation behind the nickname?

I insist that I'm "NXT's Finest" because I know I am the finest in every aspect. People call themselves the "greatest" or "the best" all the time. That's okay because they are all alike. I am different than all those basic people. I have the finest hair, finest skin complexion, finest taste in music and finest ethnic background! My life is the finest it has ever been, and it's only the beginning!

You also got your start in sports-entertainment with WWE Hall of Famer Afa the Wild Samoan. Tell us about that experience.

I met Afa when I was 17 years old and had just graduated high school. I trained under Afa for over six years in Minneola, Fla., because I wanted to go to the Harvard of all wrestling schools. Afa is wrestling royalty and head of wrestling's Samoan dynasty. I learned all the basics and how to be successful in this business from him.

The one thing that Afa preaches to his students is to never forget where you come from. I never will forget because I would never want to go back to being just fine.

You joined NXT several years ago, but it wasn't until recently that your mindset apparently changed. What's the difference between that Kona and the Kona we've seen over the last few weeks?

The difference is I stopped caring about what people thought of me. I stopped being "Mr. Aloha," aka "Mr. Nice Guy." I used to allow myself to get stepped on just because I wanted to make friends. I had to remember why I pursued sports-entertainment in the first place. I want the fame, fortune and glory, and that means I need to make tons of money. In order to make tons of money in this business, you need to win and become the face of the company. With the finest face, it shouldn't be hard.