Kurt Angle Provides Dean Ambrose Update, Predicts Which Star Will Win "Money In The Bank" Match

Kurt Angle recently conducted another Q&A on his Facebook page. Below are a few highlights:

It The Undertaker will wrestle again:

"I think he will. He looks great. He's an amazing athlete."

His pick to win Money In The Bank:

"Honestly? He's a long shot. But Kevin Owens. He seems to always find a way to shine. A real ass kisser:)"

The scariest moment he's had in the ring:

"When I got knocked out at Summerslam 2000 against Rock and HHH. I don't remember anything I did that night. Now that's scary."

How Dean Ambrose is doing and if he'll return soon:

"LISTEN EVERYONE. Dean is healing nicely. He will be back soon!!!!! I get this question every week. I know how popular he is but asking me when he will return will not make him return any sooner than he can. He will be back soon. Promise."


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