LaBar: The Future Of Rusev Day

The most simplistic ideas get over in pro wrestling because everyone can understand them. Every day is Rusev Day is as easy as it gets.

The simplicity for Rusev's success is ironic considering there has been no shortage of creative debates for his character in the past. Does he speak English? Does he wrestle barefoot? Does he have the first name, Alexander? Is he from Bulgaria or Russia?

Since launching it, the Rusev Day merchandise can't stay in stock fast enough. WWE has to like that. In what appears to be the response to that is several spots on big shows that he might have not otherwise been in the plans for.

He had a stellar performance at WrestleMania in the United States Championship match. Consistent performances in every SmackDown Live match he's put in. Perhaps most impressive is a near 10-minute match with Undertaker.

The legend got his shine in all the assumed spots. Rusev took it all and gave some back in an entertaining, but safe pace. For Rusev it was an advertised casket match, a gimmick owned by The Undertaker character, against one of the greatest ever at the WrestleMania of the Middle East.

Tuesday on SmackDown, hints of something or someone holding Rusev back began. His wife, Lana, entered the scene to a huge reaction sporting her modified Rusev Day shirt. They foreshadowed that Aiden English is what's hindering Rusev.

English as Rusev's hype man has been unexpectedly brilliant. Lana, Rusev's real-life wife, has also grabbed audience attention. A classic bro's before… beautiful wife storyline could be upon us.

The ravishing Russian Lana clashing with the bold bravado of English in the quest to earn a top spot in the Rusev Day parade has grand potential. It could provide scenarios of comedy all while following the rules of simple and relatable to the audience.

Lana and English jockeying for position each using their strengths. Lana could flash her looks and ability to distract opponents. English could be using his flair for the dramatic to roll out the red carpet introductions.

It could be the best fight for attention since Stone Cold and Kurt Angle warmed up to be No. 1 in Vince McMahon's heart in 2001.

At the end of the weekly battles, the best result is a happy trio. Having all parties eventually work together could elevate the growing fan-favorite act to the next level. The next level, not only for Rusev, but for English and Lana too. English is already seeing his highest prominence since coming from NXT to the "main roster." That could continue for his personal stock and individual booking long-term. Lana has had some stop-and-go pushes of attention ranging from love triangles to a brief build to her first big television singles match last summer.

I can see it now, a Rusev Day calendar with Lana. Rusev Day holiday carols sung by Aiden English. A WWE Championship won on Rusev Day!


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