Lacey Evans Talks Big WWE NXT Upset (Video), Shinsuke Nakamura Hypes WWE Title Match, Elijah Burke

- Last night's WWE NXT episode saw Lacey Evans pick up a big win over Kairi Sane. Above is post-match video of Lacey talking to Sarah Schreiber. Lacey says the win is huge and she doesn't know what it will mean for her career but she doesn't care where the other women have trained or been because she has a Woman's Right of her own, which has every one of their names on it.

- Former WWE and TNA star Elijah Burke turns 40 years old today. The Pope was recently backstage visiting at a WWE SmackDown event.

- Shinsuke Nakamura tweeted the following to hype the Last Man Standing match against WWE Champion AJ Styles at Money In the Bank:


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