Lana's New Ring Gear (Video, Photos), Maryse Talks The Miz Being On The Road, Baron Corbin

- Above, Baron Corbin took on Jack Gallagher in UFC 3. Xavier Woods has been doing a "King of the Hill" with this game and currently Gallagher is on top. Despite Corbin rocking him in the first round, Gallagher took things to the ground in the second and was able to win easily.

- Maryse spoke with People about how difficult it is for The Miz to leave his daughter when he has to go on the road.

"He was telling me how hard it is to leave us. He knew it was going to be hard but it's a lot harder than he thought," Maryse said. "Mike is not the type who will cry. I've never seen him cry in 12 years, but he's just so cute. You can tell she stole his heart. FaceTime helps because she's changing every day. I bombard him every day with 100 photos, it's ridiculous. At some point, I have to stop, but he loves it. It's definitely hard but we try to work it out."

- While the WWE tours overseas, Lana has been teaming up with the IIconics, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Earlier this month, WWE had Lana on-screen with Rusev where she told him he was missing something and something was holding him back. In the video/photos below, it looks like Lana has some new ring gear now.