Matt Jackson Responds To PED Accusation, Jay White On Which Move He Doesn't Like To Take, Impact

- IWGP United States Champion Jay White spoke with AMBY about his title, nickname, and which move he's not a big fan of taking during matches.

"Chops. It depends, some guys have these brutal chops and when they hit you with one it sends like a chill all over your body," White said. "What else don't I like taking? Anything that lands me on my head is never nice. It's never fun doing that. With chops, I like to think that I've taken the worst of them from the best guy who does them, [Naomichi] Marufuji. He just cut my chest up and I was scarred from multiple chops."

- Impact Wrestling announced all of its episodes during the Fox Sports Net era are now available on the Global Wrestling Network.

- Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks posted a photo of himself before yesterday's ROH event in London and received a response from an individual who said, "Wow dude. Sorry but you look terrible. Those PEDs are not for you." Matt wrote back, "I'm 100% drug free, prick." Nick and Matt have noted on multiple occasions they are straight edge and have been bulking up as they previously announced they're moving to the heavyweight division.


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