Nia Jax Responds To Reports That The Rock Was Responsible For Recent WWE Absence

Last October it was reported that WWE Raw Women's Champion Nia Jax had taken a leave of absence due to Jax being unhappy with her pay and with how she was being booked. The report even said she spoke with her cousin, The Rock, and he encouraged her to walk away if she was unhappy.

In a recent interview with Pop Culture, Jax was asked about what went down and if The Rock had actually given her advice to leave. The answer was no.

"That was the craziest thing I've ever heard!," Jax laughed. "The fact that people would think that Dwayne would ever tell me to not do something for the WWE, a place that's actually given him his start and the reason he is on top of the world, it's completely false and hilarious."

She was also asked to clarify if she was unhappy with the WWE at the time about her status. Her leave of absence ended up occurring due to a bag falling on her head during a flight.

"It has nothing to do with that at all," Jax said. "It wasn't something that was that big of a deal. I had actually had an injury that happened to me personally on a flight—an overhead bag fell directly on top of my head while I was on a plane. I was out of it, I was completely out of it. I'm not kidding you."

Ultimately, when she told WWE what happened and they said to rest up since she wasn't in a story at the time.

"It was just something where I had to go and make sure I was okay and rest up," Jax responded. "It was right before a tour. All it was, was just like, 'Hey, you're not the storyline right now. Go take a break. Make sure you're okay, and then come back for tour.' That was it. That was the bottom line. That was the story."

Jax is currently in a bullying storyline with Alexa Bliss and the two will meet at this Sunday's Backlash PPV.


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