NXT Finish Changed Mid-Match, The Rock Reveals His Favorite Era In Wrestling, WWE European Tour Ends

- The SmackDown crew is heading home as WWE wrapped up their European tour with a live event tonight in Munich, Germany. The RAW crew wrapped up their leg of the tour on Saturday with a show in Paris. After this Tuesday's SmackDown Live, the SmackDown crew has a little time off until the SmackDown live event on Monday, May 28th in Fayetteville, NC.

- We noted in our NXT results from last Thursday in Oklahoma City that the fans were giving Chad Lail, f.k.a Gunner in TNA, a hard time during his match with Oney Lorcan. The fans spent most of the match making fun of the name "Chad" and shouting out things that rhymed with it like, "Are you mad, Chad?"

The response was reversed the next night in Dallas, as PWInsider noted that fans turned on Kassius Ohno during his match with Lail and were cheering Lail like crazy. Dave Meltzer said on last night's episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that the finish, which was originally Ohno defeating Lail, was changed mid-match to Lail defeating Ohno due to the crowd response. The crowd was happy with Lail winning and were chanting "Chad" the rest of the night. Ricochet acknowledged it after defeating Velveteen Dream in the main event, and mentioned "Chad" when saying goodnight to the crowd.

- The Rock responded to a video on Twitter of The Sheik throwing a fireball at the referee during his match with Jackie Fargo in the 70's. The Rock noted how much energy and tension there was back then with a lot of fans believing that it was real, and noted that it is his favorite era in pro wrestling, as seen below:


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