Open Challenge On RAW?, McMahon Family Dinner On Camp WWE (Video), Natalya On Granting Wishes

- Above is a new clip for this week's Camp WWE episode with Triple H's dad, Quadruple H, joining Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon for an awkward dinner.

- Natalya's latest Calgary Sun column is now online at this link and features comments on what makes WWE the best job in the world - getting to grant Make-A-Wish Wishes for kids. She closed the blog with comments on being present for Naomi's first Wish in late April:

At last week's event, we were honored to watch Naomi grant her first wish to a little girl named Arianna. When I met Arianna, she was wearing a glow in the dark dress just like the colours in Naomi's ring gear. Arianna had no idea that Naomi was going to make a surprise entrance during the Make-A-Wish ceremony. Alexa Bliss and I were sworn to secrecy, and we told her it was too bad Naomi couldn't be here to see her. Then, out of nowhere, the presenters stopped talking on stage, the lights went out and Naomi's music started playing. Arianna jumped up in excitement. Out came Naomi dancing to her song and everyone started dancing with her. Arianna started crying tears of joy, and her hero Naomi grabbed her by the hand and brought her on stage to dance together. Naomi gave Arianna the biggest hug. For those precious moments Arianna didn't have a care in the world other than meeting her idol. It was truly a magical moment!

When I granted my first "wish,", it was life-changing for me. I couldn't believe that a child who had the option of meeting anyone in the world wanted to meet me. I was so humbled and

flattered. I will never forget meeting Alexis and spending time with her and her family. I wanted to make her time with me so special and take her mind off her illness. I couldn't think of a way more fitting than to give Alexis my ring jacket that I had worn at WrestleMania. I wanted her to have something to remind her of that special moment we had together.

For me, and many other WWE Superstars, our mission is bringing happiness to those who most need it.

- It looks like WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins may issue another Open Challenge on this week's taped RAW from London. This comes after Rollins issued a challenge on last week's RAW and retained over Mojo Rawley, who was making his red brand debut. Rollins tweeted the following today:


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