– As noted, there has been some criticism over CM Punk fighting on the UFC 225 main card on June 9th, while stars like Alistair Overeeem and Rashad Evans are competing on the prelims. During the UFC Liverpool post-fight press conference on Sunday, UFC President Dana White was asked about Overeem being “demoted” to the prelims while Punk is on the main card against fellow 0-1 fighter, Mike Jackson.

“Listen, when Alistair Overeem sells as many pay-per-views as CM Punk does, we can argue,” White answered. He added that it will probably be Punk’s last fight in the UFC if he loses again.

– Someone was being stretchered backstage during the Kurt Angle – Kevin Owens segment on RAW tonight. It’s not clear who it was, but you can see it in the photo and GIF below: