Renee Young Reveals Heat With Jerry O'Connell, Christian Talks Backstage Incident With Screech

As previously noted, former world champions Edge and Christian recently welcomed WWE personality Renee Young to their podcast, E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness. Among many other topics, Christian talked about meeting Saved By The Bell's Dustin Diamond and appearing on CBC's Murdoch Mysteries, Young dished on her ongoing "Jerry O'Connell heat", and Edge said he considers himself as an actor now, not a professional wrestler.


With respect to Dustin Diamond, Christian said he called the actor, 'Screech', the name of his well-known Saved By The Bell character, and the two nearly got into what five time, five time, five time champ Booker T might call a heated conversation. Apparently, Edge had to step in and explain to Diamond that 'Captain Charisma' was indeed a fan of the 90s American sitcom.

"I met Dustin Diamond once from Saved By The Bell and I did call him Screech." Christian continued, "I almost got into a big argument with Screech... So, we were at WrestleMania in Anaheim [California], whatever number that was. We stole the show, that's all that matters and yeah, we got richer. So we were walking backstage earlier in the day. Like, I'm a huge Saved By The Bell [fan]. I love cheesy, corny, like, TV shows, right? So I was a huge Saved By The Bell fan, still am. So I see Screech there, so I'm like, 'man?' I walk up to him and say, 'excuse me, Screech. Man, I'm such a big fan of you and the show.' And he turns around and goes, 'Yeah, okay,' and he turns back around and was kind of a dick. And he's backstage at our show. So, [Edge] kind of goes, 'hey,' so [Edge], who is a bit of a hothead here, he goes, 'hey, mother effer,' he goes, 'he's not trying to be a dick! He loves Saved By The Bell. He's a huge fan!' And Screech goes, 'oh man, I'm sorry. I thought you were making fun of me.' I was like, 'no, I wasn't.' So then, we started talking to him and we kind of hit it off and had a pretty funny conversation, and that was that. That's my Screech story."


In response to Christian's "Screech story", Young explained that she has heat with TV's Jerry O'Connell. 

"I still have Jerry O'Connell heat, which is super odd." Young divulged, "it's so random and so bizarre. I used to have in my Twitter bio, 'Canadian tuxedo aficionado and I'm very afraid of Jerry O'Connell,' which, granted, he does not know the context of this, which I will tell you know. The context of it is the he used to go on, or he still does, he'd go on The Wendy Williams Show and he just acts a fool. He's a wildman. He, like, does these characters, but the show that I was watching, he had, like, a borderline offensive Jheri curl happening, so I had been like, tweeted about it and did an Instagram thing, like, 'what is going on? What is Jerry O'Connell doing?' But I meant this out of love. He was ridiculous, but it was on The Wendy Williams Show, so whatever. I had this on my bio for a long time and then every now and then somebody would be like, 'what's the deal with Jerry O'Connell?' And then, they'd, like, tag him in it. This was not that long ago, actually, only a couple of months ago, and he, like, retweeted something, 'I don't know. I've never met Renee Young. I don't know why she'd say that, especially in a time like this,' meaning the #MeToo Movement. So I'm like, 'oh my God! Dude, no, that's not at all what I meant, so I, like, messaged him, and apologized for having said that because I didn't want that to be misconstrued either. And then, I was like, 'yeah, anyway, hopefully, I get to meet you,' whatever. Then, he was backstage at a show in Anaheim and I missed seeing him, so I messaged him and was like, 'hey dude, I missed seeing you.' He was like, 'yep, too bad. Anyways, real big fan.' And just, that was the end of the message. He 'real big fanned' me, which means he hates my guts. Yeah."


Also during the podcast, Christian talked about being on a Canadian period mystery show called Murdoch Mysteries.

"Oh, I did a show called Murdoch Mysteries." Christian added, "it's on CBC. Yeah, yeah, it was awesome because it's period, right? It's set in like 1905, so I got to be something completely different. [Lunchbox Larry] was the name I gave myself. My character name was Leonard Stoker. Yeah. But it was fun. You got to speak in really proper language, and be all dressed up, and the set looked amazing. It looked exactly how you would envision 1905 looking. So it was a great experience. I had fun doing it. Yeah. Yep, we filmed it in Toronto. They have a studio specifically for that show, which was really cool. Like, all the outdoor, the street scenes, they have a whole outdoor set built. It was really awesome."

Edge indicated that he considers himself an actor now as opposed to a pro wrestler.  

"My [WWE] retirement speech was seen by an executive producer that was on Haven and they contacted WWE because they wanted a wrestling tie-in because SmackDown led into Haven, 'can we get this guy? He just retired.' And 42 episodes later, it's like, 'oh, I guess I'm an actor now. Okay. How does this work?' And then, it just kind of snowballed from there. But, again, because wrestling was gone, it was like, 'okay, well, now what?' I had no idea. And it still fills that creative? or it keeps that creative river flowing for me, which is cool." Edge added, "actor. I had to mentally make that switch because I kept saying, 'well, I'm being self-deprecating about.'"


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Source: E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness