Rob Van Dam Gives Up Dog's Ashes In Divorce Settlement

In 2016, the then-estranged wife of Rob Van Dam, Sonya Szatkowski, filed for divorce after 16 years for irreconcilable differences. In addition to asking for spousal support and attorney fees, Sonya also wanted her last name to be changed from Szatkowski to Delbeck. During their time together, Sonya often traveled with RVD to be ringside during his wrestling endeavors.

Sonya told TMZ in 2016, "It's a private time. It's a hard thing for me to even talk about." She added that, although they were on good terms, she felt that the marriage was not working anymore.

Now that the divorce is nearly finalized, each of them received certain items from their marriage as a part of the settlement agreement. For Sonya, this includes her Mini Cooper, a grandfather clock, family photos, books and a drafting table, according to The Blast. In addition, she was able to retain her jewelry, which included her engagement and wedding rings. She also was able to acquire ownership of the ashes of their late pooches, Rosie and Zena.

For RVD, he retains two cars, the 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid and a 1998 Ford Explorer. He also was able to retain his father's inheritance, and all the jewelry in his possession.

The former couple agreed to sell both of their homes one in Palos Verdes and the other in Las Vegas. RVD is also responsible for paying Sonya an equalization payment of $262,500 from the sale, and Sonya also gets to keep a plot of land they owned in Oklahoma all to herself.

RVD and Sonya were separated long before the initial public announcement, but RVD began a relationship around the time of the news in May of 2016 with independent wrestler Katie Forbes, just a month after they met each other at WrestleCon. Their signing booths were next to each other.

Source: The Blast


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