Ronda Rousey Project Gets Emmy Nomination, Most Extreme WWE Backlash Moments, Backlash Preview

- Above is the latest WWE Top 10 featuring Backlash's most extreme moments. The group includes: Rhyno attempting to gore Raven and running into a shopping cart, the Spirit Squad lifting and dropping Shawn Michaels through a table, and Big Show smacking Rey Mysterio (while attached to a stretcher) into the ring post.

- Cathy Kelley and Mike Rome will host a preview of Backlash on Sunday at 4pm ET, which will stream on WWE's Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels. The show will feature Big Cass and Charlotte.

- The documentary, Why We Fight, has been nominated for an Emmy and was produced by Ronda Rousey. The doc shows a number of fighters who give their stories about fighting for profession. On her Instagram, Rousey commented on the nomination.


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