Samoa Joe On Why He's All For WWE Raiding Indie Promotions

Samoa Joe recently spoke with and said he's all for WWE raiding indie promotions around the world and signing their established stars.

"Hey, you know whose fault it is, that your favorite wrestler got bought out? The company he was working for, cause they were too cheap to pay him what he was worth. So he should get paid what he's worth, and if WWE comes and pays him what he's worth, that's on your sorry ass. Get the money right. And start paying these dudes," Joe said.

Joe had strong words for critics who are against WWE picking up all the top stars from the indies.

"There are too many crazy talented dudes out there that aren't getting paid, and if you have a problem with WWE making those dudes rich, you can kiss my ass," Joe said. "Cause those dudes deserve to be rich, cause they're talented as hell."

The Samoan Submission Machine praised WWE for being the #1 company in the world and said their aggressive tactics have helped put them at the top.

"It's funny because people are like, 'oh, well that's kind of messed up,' No. No. That's how you win," Joe said. "That's why they're the number one company in the world. You go out there and you get the best dudes. You don't get mad at a tiger for being a tiger."



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