Seth Rollins Says That The Undertaker Should Retire

Seth Rollins took part in a quick Q&A with Give Me Sport. During the chat, he said that Ric Flair is his favorite heel, The Rock has the greatest catchphrase of all time and that The Undertaker should retire. Below are some highlights:

Best wrestling catchphrase:

"Do you smell what The Rock is cookin'?"

His favorite heel of all time:

"Ric Flair."

The one wrestler he wishes he could have faced:

"Shawn Michaels."

Best WrestleMania match ever:

"[Steve] Austin vs. Bret [Hart] at WrestleMania 13."

Most memorable thing Vince McMahon has said to him:

"I can't repeat that (laughs). Too much profanity."

Should The Undertaker retire:


Favorite crowd:

"Madison Square Garden [when] it was sold out the night after Christmas."

You can check out the full Q&A below:


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