Sound Off Reactions On If Ronda Rousey Will Defeat Nia Jax At WWE Money In The Bank

Yesterday we asked if you thought Ronda Rousey would defeat Nia Jax and win the WWE Raw Women's Championship at Money in the Bank on June 17. The comments section felt a dusty finish was the most likely outcome in this one. A number of people were mentioned that could potentially interfere including: Stephanie McMahon, Natalya (turning on her friend!), Alexa Bliss (maybe a quick cash-in?), and Mickie James.

There were some of you who felt the mainstream media attention Rousey is getting may be too much for WWE to pass on and will strike while the iron is hot. Will the fans accept an early title run though? Probably not.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:


"I am guessing Alexa/Mickey/Natalya/whoever interferes and costs Ronda the match. Ronda and Nia team up for the next PPV or two. It keeps Nia and Ronda strong. Anti-Bullying storyline."


"Ronda wins clean, but Money in the Bank winner cashes in. Sets up the long term chase."

Mr. Wednesday:

"This match with Ronda is going to be a train wreck in every sense of the term. Nia is too terrible in the ring. Ronda is too inexperienced. The story of this match will probably play up Nia's size and whether or not Ronda can slam someone that obese. It'll be like Hogan and Andre but with a higher risk of diabetes. And with all the mainstream media attention that comes along with Ronda, there's no way she's losing. I also can't see them doing some sort of screwball finish either because of the mainstream media attention. It would make the business look as fake as it is. Ronda's winning."


"It's way too early, which means VKM will put the belt on her."

Shovely Gold:

"I see this ending in DQ building to Rousey vs. Natalya at SummerSlam. The story writes itself, Natalya been around for over 10 years, Ronda has been around for a cup of coffee and gets a title shot. Natalya gets jealous, costs Ronda, which leads to a match where Natalya - who is arguably the best worker in woman's division - can put Rousey over in a great match."

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