Sound Off: Will AJ Styles Retain Against Shinsuke Nakamura At WWE Backlash?

WWE Champion AJ Styles will face Shinsuke Nakamura at tomorrow's Backlash PPV to possibly settle their feud. Going back to January, Nakamura won a title shot by winning the Royal Rumble, choosing Styles soon after. Styles won at WrestleMania, but a post-match lowblow (and many since then) led to another match at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

In that match a double-count was the result as Styles' emotions got the best of him afterwards. Not happy with how things went down, Styles was happy to go against his rival one more time at Sunday's Backlash PPV.

So, today's question: Who do you think leaves with the title?

Sound off with your thoughts in the "Comments" below and tomorrow we'll post a follow-up with the top quotes, along with any ideas that may have trended throughout your replies.

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