Taz Thinks Apollo Crews Is The Most Underrated Person In WWE Right Now

There is no question that the current WWE roster is enormously stacked with talent. Seemingly, with Raw and SmackDown Live being two distinguished brands, it would give some names an opportunity to shine who may have not had the same chance if the brands were combined. However, even with the brands split, there are still some names who have not ascended from a low- to mid-card status.

Taz discussed who he thinks is the most underrated wrestler on the current WWE roster. He polled a few names to his fans, and the majority believes that it is current SmackDown Live Tag Team Champion Luke Harper. Taz, however, believes that it is Apollo Crews. He feels that Apollo is underrated and underutilized, and there has not been anything substantial that WWE has done with him since moving up to the main roster. To Taz, Apollo's vertical leaping ability and pure athleticism, along with his power and physique, is something to behold.

"[Apollo] is for sure just a stud in the ring," said Taz. "Just a straight stud in the ring, and I really feel like he is underutilized for sure. So he, for me, would be my main guy currently. Now I know his promo work is not amazing, also all of that needs to be a part of the package. Your promo work, your look, your in-ring work and all that jazz. So, all of that stuff obviously is vital. He probably doesn't have the promo stuff down too good."

Other names Taz mentioned briefly included Zack Ryder, who he feels is a good worker, Becky Lynch, who WWE has been quiet on lately, Tyler Breeze, who Taz admits he is a huge fan of especially after his push in NXT, and Drew Gulak. Taz also feels that Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows could be used better, and they have proven from their time spent in New Japan that they are worthy of being a top team.

In addition to these names, Taz also feels that having certain divisions such as cruiserweight and UK runs the risk of pigeonholing great talent to only be used in one way. For example, Taz is a fan of Pete Dunne, but WWE is using him in the UK division (although he has been shown on NXT a few times, and lately following Roderick Strong turning on him at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans) and it is not high on WWE's priority list to showcase him outside of being the UK Champion. He also mentioned Neville and Austin Aries of being victims of this same issue regarding being stuck in a division.

Regarding someone who WWE should keep their eye on, Taz mentions The Velveteen Dream, who he is a huge fan of.

If any portion of these quotes are used, please be sure to credit The Taz Show with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: The Taz Show


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