What Airs After Monday's RAW, Sheamus - Rusev Video, Nikki Bella - American Ninja Warrior Photo

- Sheamus trains with Rusev in this new video from his Celtic Warrior Workouts YouTube channel.

- A new Table For 3 episode will premiere on the WWE Network after Monday's RAW goes off the air. The guests will be WWE Hall of Famer Edge, Christian, RAW Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy and WWE United States Champion Jeff Hardy. Below is the synopsis:

"Legendary TLC icons Edge, Christian, and the Hardys reunite to relive the amazing matches, moments, and stories that defined their careers."

- Below is the first photo of Nikki Bella running the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course. As noted, NBC will air a Celebrity Ninja Warrior special on May 24th at 8pm EST to celebrate Red Nose Day.


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