– Former WWE U.K. Champion Tyler Bate suffered a shoulder injury during his match with Kassius Ohno at Day 2 of PROGRESS Wrestling’s Super Strong Style 16 in London, England last night. Bate had defeated Ohno to advance to today’s semi-finals where he was scheduled to face Zack Gibson, but was pulled from the match, as seen in the video above. It’s not yet known how serious the injury is. Bate was downplaying the injury, saying he has “a slight twinge in his shoulder.” Bate had recently returned to action after suffering a minor knee injury.

KTAR News has a story here about The Bella Twins opening up a pop-up shop in Phoenix, AZ for their Birdie Bee apparel line. The shop is located at The District at Desert Ridge Marketplace.

– May is Mental Health Awareness Month and The Child Mind Institute is featuring a daily celebrity video as part of its #MyYoungerSelf campaign to end the stigma attached to mental health and learning disorders. Each day, the site will share celebrities speaking to their younger selves via homemade messages recorded on their smartphones. Over the weekend, former WWE Superstar A.J. (Lee) Mendez posted the video below, discussing her struggles with bipolar disorder.

“Your bipolar disorder symptoms are going to confuse you at first,” A.J. said. “They’re going to make you feel strange and a little scared, but please realize that your symptoms are not all of you ? they’re a part of you. And eventually, they will be your favorite part because you’re going to be able to harness those intense emotions and use them as your greatest strengths.”