Why Edge And Christian Were At WWE Backlash, The Miztourage Are Done, Epic Superstar Fails (Video)

- Above is the latest WWE Top 10 video, featuring epic Superstar fails.

- WWE Hall of Famer Edge and Christian were backstage for Backlash on Sunday night because they were in town to prepare for production of the second season of The Edge & Christian Show on the WWE Network. PWInsider notes that production is scheduled to take place through the weekend of May 25th.

- The Miztourage is officially done after Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel shut The Miz down during a backstage segment on the WWE Backlash Kickoff pre-show last night. You can see the video below. Miz went on to lose to WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins after failing to secure help from Dallas and Axel.


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